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Knitting Donations

Many keen knitters across the parish, the shire and the city of Aberdeen regularly contribute to the parish donations of knitting. They share their enjoyment and their skills in knitting and crocheting blankets, hats, scarves, neck warmers and, of course, lovely baby items. 

There is a ‘Community Corner’ in Tarves Church with a table (complete with banana boxes) for collecting knitting/sewing so good work can be shared. 

The Cyrenians in Union Glen always welcome donations of knitted blankets, neck warmers and adult hat and scarf sets.  A donation of blankets was recently  ‘swapped’ for a bag of mixed wool, which will make its way back to Union Glen as finished hats, scarves, neckwarmers or blankets. Read more at

“Fish and chips” jumpers are passed to Meldrum Church via Jessie at Hanover Court. Meldrum volunteers then organise the delivery to the Banana Box transport team in Dundee. Read more at

Special Care Baby Unit in Aberdeen?
The knitters are always willing to help the Unit and dozens of hats and numerous baby blankets are regularly donated via Gemma at Ardlethen. J K Shoes on Station Road, Ellon will also take knitting donations for the SCBU. Please note though, the Unit ask for white or very pale coloured knitting only.

In and around the village?
Bright hat and scarf sets are often seen locally in colder weather and there is a box in the Community Corner with sets of various sizes. Please let Ruth or Jessie know if you'd like any and they can coordinate a selection.

Woodend Hospital
?Donations are given to the management team who share the blankets with specific wards. These include twiddle muffs which go to Morningfield House where the staff are very aware of which patients appreciate these. A twiddle muff is a simple knitted muff, with various items attached for the user to ‘twiddle’. They are invaluable in providing warmth, distraction, and comfort to patients with dementia. The pattern is available here.

Knitting and donations of wool can be handed to Jessie at Hanover 01651 851958 or at the Hanover Knitting Group in their lounge on Tuesday afternoons from 2 pm or they can be dropped off at the church on Tuesday mornings 10 - 11 or Sundays 11 - 12, or a collection may be made by arrangement. 

If you are unsure of knitting, why not join the Knitting Group at Hanover Court at 2.00 pm every Tuesday afternoon and they will be very happy to guide you and share knitting patterns. There are some very simple patterns for beginners. The established knitters are happy to give guidance and supply endless patience if you would like to start an easier knit. 

For anyone who sews, little skirts for orphaned schoolgirls are needed. They are sewn slightly longer than skirts here and it is essential that these little girls have a skirt of their own before starting school. If anyone would like to sew skirts, please contact Ruth Nisbet and she can supply you with some colourful cotton fabric.

Click on this link for some simple knitting and sewing patterns. 


If you know any organisations who would welcome some knitting, please let Jessie or Ruth know. 

Ruth: or
Jessie: 01651 851958


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