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Life Events


The Church of Scotland plays an essential role in providing worship and spiritual guidance for key life events.

The minister and members of Formartine Parish Church are here to serve the community in times of joy and happiness including weddings and baptisms/blessings and at times of sadness and loss. We warmly welcome members and non-members to celebrate these special occasions at Tarves Kirk or Pitmedden Kirk and we are here to help you through those difficult times of bereavement. 


Baptism is a sacred and special occasion, when whoever is baptised is welcomed into the Church community. Baptism is normally administered at Sunday worship in front of the congregation.

Traditionally in the Church of Scotland, we are baptised at a young age but it is not uncommon now for a new baby and his or her older brother(s) or sister(s) to be baptised together.

Baptism is not exclusively for children. It is open to anyone of any age, provided they have not been previously baptised in another Church.

In the baptismal service the parents or other appropriate adults profess their own faith and promise to give the child a Christian upbringing. In the case of adult baptism, the person themselves makes the appropriate promises.

If you would like to consider Baptism for yourself or your child, the minister would be pleased to talk to you about the vows you would be asked to take and what they mean.

The thanksgiving and blessing of a child

Since 2003, the Church of Scotland has provided orders for the thanksgiving for, and blessing of, a child. The blessing ceremony takes place at morning worship following the same pattern as that for Baptism, except the wording and promises are different, and no water is used. Nothing is required of the parents by way of either commitment or belief. 

Christian marriage

Ministers of the Church of Scotland are authorised to perform weddings and they are free to marry people who are not Church members. 

We are delighted that you should be considering marriage and we rejoice at the love you have found for each other. 

We believe marriage should be a thing of beauty, blessed by God and fulfilling for both you and your partner. Remember that the wedding day, no matter how big and exciting, is not nearly as important as what follows – your married life together. In the Church we believe marriage to be a binding commitment for the rest of your life and we encourage everyone to set out on their marriage plans with this firmly in mind.

Blessing of a civil marriage

Ministers of the Church of Scotland can also conduct blessing ceremonies for civil marriages (those which were legally conducted by a registrar and not in a church). The couple seeking a blessing on their marriage stand together at the front of the church, and may be attended by friends. 

Funeral services

The Church of Scotland serves all the people of Scotland and not just the membership of the Church. You do not need to be a member of the Church of Scotland to hold a funeral in Pitmedden or Tarves Church. Nobody in the situation of bereavement should hesitate to seek the services of the minister, either directly or through the undertaker. 

Contact us if you wish to discuss any of these services.


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