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Susanna Bichard, Session Clerk
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Interim Moderator

An introduction to Alastair

Our minister has retired. While we seek a new minister, our Interim Moderator is Rev Alastair Bruce.

Hi there

I’m Alastair Bruce and I’m the Interim Moderator for Formartine Parish Church. Being an Interim Moderator (IM) is a specific role that I undertake alongside my normal work as Parish Minister for Ellon Parish Church to help guide the congregation through the time you’re without a minister following Rev Alison’s recent retirement. My job as IM is to support the Kirk Session and congregation to keep things ticking over and developing in Formartine Parish and to guide and advise the Kirk Session and eventually Nominating Committee in finding a new minister. 

My hope and prayer for you is that the vacancy is a fairly short one, but also that you are able to use this time to reflect on your ministry and mission in Formartine. Being a new union comes with all sorts of practical challenges but it’s also an opportunity for new things to happen and for new connections and relationships to form within the church and the community. 

In practical terms, on a weekly basis worship will be led by members of the Formartine Worship Team and some trained ‘Readers’. We are very blessed to have folks willing to give their time to help lead worship and to use their gifts and skills in this way. I’ll lead worship from time to time but in the main my role will be behind the scenes working with the Kirk Session, teams and Nominating Committee. However, I do get to have all the ‘powers’ of the normal Minister so if you have any church related enquiries then feel free to contact me on the numbers and email address below. This also means that things like baptisms, weddings and communion can also take place as normal (it might just take a wee bit more time to organise them!) 

When I’m not being your IM or Minister at Ellon Parish Church (which I’ve been for the past 9 years) I’m husband to Nicola and dad to James and Daniel. When I manage to find some downtime I like to play piano or guitar, watch rugby (I’m an Edinburgh Rugby and Scotland supporter), binge watch the latest series on Netflix or read a page or two of a book. When the weather’s nice I can be found going out on my bike, or for walks as a family and if there’s a coffee shop close at hand then I’m pretty happy! 

If you have any questions or enquiries about faith, God or church things then feel free to contact me. I generally take a Friday and Saturday as my days off, but most other times I’m around. 


For general Formartine Church matters, please contact our Session Clerk, Susanna Bichard. 
T: 01651 851345


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